What’s the Magical Butter Machine

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What’s the Magical Butter Machine and Why should you own one?

For people looking to shake up their cannabis consumption methods, the magical butter maker is something you’d seriously want to look into. The appropriately named machine does everything from making cannabis butter, oil or tinctures.
Couple this with a vast recipe list on the maker’s website, you’ve got a whole new world of cannabis treats at your fingertips. And the best thing of all is that the device is incredibly simple to use.

Today we’ll be taking a look under the hood of the Magical Butter Machine and tell you why you should own one.

What is the magical butter machine

When you look at the magical butter machine, it will look like one of those big electric kettles. Inside it’s pretty basic. You’ve got a mixer, a chamber, and a heating element. The top is covered with durable plastic.

There are very few buttons on the device. The most notable one is “make butter”. Other than that, you simply have to play with how long you let your concoction sit to make your desired infusion. As mentioned, you can make anything from butter, oils or tinctures. It’s completely up to you.

How does it work?

To operate the magical butter machine is quite simple. All you have to do is insert between 4-8 grams of cannabis flower, the appropriate amount of butter and press “make butter”.
That’s all you have to do. Once it’s done, you simply have to strain the liquid through some cheesecloth and you’ve got yourself a cannabis infusion.

Why own one?

The real question is why not? With the magical butter machine, you have the power of infusion at your fingertips. You can literally take any typical meal and spike it with cannabis. You can turn your smoothies into upbeat THC fueled power drinks.

Furthermore, the fact that you simply have to press a button to make it work allows you to prepare your infusions without you having to be there physically.
The old way of making cannabis butter can take a good 2-3 hours out of your day. The magical butter machine gives you those hours back. You don’t have to be there physically for the device to work, you simply have to let it do its magic!
A Few Ideas to Get You Started…
If you’re on the fence about buying a magical butter machine, then let me help you out.


With cannabis butter, you’ll be able to make anything from baked goods, stews, foods that require butter or oil and so forth. This means that you can literally turn every meal into a THC super meal.

With cannabis tinctures, you can make anything from cannabis lotions and other topicals, soaps and even take it orally. Consuming cannabis tinctures is somewhere between smoking a joint and eating an edible.
It’s a great way to get high and preserve your weed.

The magical butter machine opens up a new world to the average cannabis consumer. It’s definitely something you want in your kitchen.

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